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Autocross - TBD
We will have a "For Fun Only" Autocross event as soon as we acquire a location and date.
More info coming soon



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WELCOME to Colorado Autocross!

Colorado Autocross is Colorado's newest motoring organization dedicated to having fun and going fast! No huge rule books, no archaic classing formulas, no politics, ALL fun!

What is Autocross you ask?

Autocross is a sport that involves cars racing against the clock in a small course marked by cones at relatively low to medium speeds. Courses can be extremely short or up to a mile or more, depending upon the size of the autocross location. Driving skill is the biggest factor in who wins since smaller, more maneuverable cars can be faster than bigger, more powerful ones! Most new drivers to the sport are several seconds per lap slower than the veterans since practice is one of the things that can help you go faster.

Should I bring my Ferrari?

You certainly can if you would like to! However, some courses have uneven pavement or dips that may crush or damage the bodywork on lower cars! We will announce ahead of each event any possible hazards to lower cars. Some events are only going to allow more rally-style cars due to the track layout. We are racing for fun, so bring whatever vehicle you like.

We only ask that you have your car checked out for safety BEFORE you come. You will be asked to sign a waiver that states you take full responsibility for the condition of your car. We will do a very short cursory inspection to ensure your wheels are attached, your seatbelt is working, and that you have a helmet.

Can I bring the family?

Absolutely!!! Spectators are allowed at events. However, some events will be held in conjunction with car shows and other events that may involve a small spectator fee. We only ask that spectators stay out of the pit area and behind designated barriers for safety reasons. if in doubt, ask where you can spectate from!

Colorado Autocross